Resolve to lose yourself

Here is an experiment for you. Close your eyes and make an intent to wiggle your toes. Now deeply explore what happens. Toes move. How did this happen? When did this happen? How do you know it happened? Stories will start to fill your head about the stuff you have been taught. An intention originating from an unknown place sends a signal and a thought surfaces that toes are wiggling. The movement caused friction which sends back a message to the brain confirming the move. Or something like that. The real mechanism is not important, just a story.

Now make an intent to make your heart and body healthy. There is no feedback loop so you have no idea if that is happening or not. Much scientific evidence suggests that it is indeed happening. Since it is a long process and intent, you will not know until sometime that it is happening.

That is the power and benefit of meditation.

So, make a resolution to change something that isn't as clearly visible as wiggling your toes and keep that intent as often as possible. And watch the miracle unfold.

Mine is simply to lose the self that makes the resolution.


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