To Be or Not: Happy, Joyful and Blissed out?

Joy, any joy or bliss you feel is when your body touches truth and love. Albeit briefly, meditation can make that happen without an addictive prop. It's up to you to make it your whole life. Practice Monday night at 8 pm. At Be Yoga Wellness, Burlington.

Much controversy exists whether fireworks, feeling of joy, bliss, kriyas are useful or something to be ignored during meditation. I am of the view that I will take good clean joy any day and then try to deal with an addiction with such feelings. Surely it can't be worse than kicking a smoking or drinking habit. Besides I am in a human joy-seeking instrument called the body which likes to be bribed to pursue anything.

Touching that spot where joy permeates during meditation is not that difficult. It is easier than running a marathon or becoming a tennis pro or getting drunk. Just sit in meditation regularly for a few weeks.


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