"I,Me, Self" was born out of love

Not I, the body, I the mind or I the soul but I the label was also born in love.  This body at the age of nine months and before survived due to just one reason, love. Had it not been the love from my parents, "I" would just be a lost entity. They offered "Me" the identity as an I with a name, a home, a country, a religion and a whole bunch of attributes. Nothing other than love could have such an immense impact on the psyche of the body and mind to imbue an unshakable belief that "I" actually exists.

To undo this, to realize that there is no I, me or self, unfortunately I has to discount the most sacred thing in its life and being and that is the love of the creator, the creator of this I.

Truth is born out of disloyalty to the love that created you. What a bummer!

Love takes on this grandiose conceptual status but it starts with the body and touch which nature has designed for you to feel immediate bliss. It is the most powerful drug for all life and it is wildly addictive. It is mind bending and intoxicating and it is operating on you 24/7. Look within and find that ALL you do is for this concept created by the blissful touch started right at the beginning when your senses started to report to your brain and to form neural circuits.

But to know this truth that "you" are just a mis-perception, an illusion you have no choice but to undo this love and discover that the drive within you to seek this bliss through this love is also an illusion. As long as you keep seeking it in this way, you will be attached to the this dual world and not be free.

Mind has created elaborate schemes to keep tying you into this duality as a force of habit, as a way to keep getting this fix. Transcend this habit and find that it isn't the touch from another that creates bliss but the body itself is bliss available to you 24/7 when you know how.

Find out how?


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