Clara on the Universe

To summarise what Clara said, all that we consider as is, was or will be is just a potential universe in the mind of shiva. My interpretation, laws of physics determine the entire outcome of evolution from energy to whatever will come and back. In that one point infinity, there is evolution of mind which ends up understanding some of these things.

.Laws of physics are our attempt to understand nature and the universe as we know it through experience such as thinking, imagining, feeling and touching and hearing. It could be un-quantum but the observer, i.e this body mind is limited and hence the universe, the only one we know is limited. The incomprehensible reality is just incomprehensible. It is not the reality we find by our senses. A quantum theory could be a reflection of this incomprehensible reality but that's all it can be otherwise it wont be incomprehensible. In fact all comprehensible reality includes all but the incomprehensible reality.

Are all outcomes supposed to be quantum? in my estimate of shiva's reality, all outcome are included and predetermined. i haven't done the math but i suspect this is why some come up with these multiverse results. the incomprehensible reality includes all outcomes, the most remote ones as well. only one of those outcomes is this observer hence has such a limited view of the past, present and future on a fabricated axis called time.


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