Now is also just a thought

I first read Eckhart's book in 2007 and had trouble with it. The power of now movement is strong and tolle's words seem so genuine. But I could never get why past and future were different from the now. I was misled that past and future are thoughts and the now isn't. Tolle may have said it but I missed it. Reality is that all tenses are composed of thoughts. The only and major difference about now is the physical experience. And that's all. So it is the now without thoughts about now, before or later that has the power to transform you. Wow...

Few insights have recently surfaced by drawing back to what is really felt by the body and mind like experiences and feelings. Other than tactile sensations including hearing, touch and smell, feelings are so tied into thoughts. It is pretty clear that fear and desires, the cornerstone of much of new age and Buddhism are also just thoughts spurred by a chain of other thoughts. Other than bodily addictions like overheating during Xmas and other consumptions, so much of everything is thought. Watched an apprehension of an upcoming business trip disappear when the nature of this apprehension also being a thought became clear.


bferge said…
once we have the base abstraction, the thoughts seemingly never end.

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