Error! Error! Error!

Did you see the star trek episode when the computer blows up screaming; error, error, error! when capt Kirk inputs an unanswerable koan? The real question now is who is planning to blow my mind up? Ramana is long gone and as far as I can tell my mind doesn't have a death wish? Perhaps it still carries the underlying desire to transcend the pain and suffering by blowing itself up. But we know better, as Bart Marshall said it once, "you can't game this, believe me I tried for decades". And check out gary's poem below, when he says " Lack of effort opens the gate for a flood of insights. * That which is changeless knows nothing." We really need to convince us not to ask this irreconcilable question.... Musings by Gary Harmon Emptiness filled with clanging, And dogs that bark in the distance. Winds that gently blow, Trees that sway to and fro, Are all connected. As am I joined to them. Nothing causing anything; All in agreement with all. * Turning earth for a new planting; Last fall's leaves become fuel. The season's past growth tilling over, Roles are traded; Old becomes new as it repeats yet again. The undercurrent of the changeless, Watches and sees—nothing happening. * Empty are the thoughts that are forced. Wisdom is not from there. Lack of effort opens the gate for a flood of insights. * That which is changeless knows nothing. Knowing is for trapped opinions. Seemingly comfortable yet bound by belief. Anchored to something called duration, Waiting for change which can not be necessary A slide-rule replaced by unknowing. Just a hunch yet more vast than can be known. Boundaries have no reality for that intuitive state Which exists outside the identified.


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