Why bother with this new age mumbo jumbo?

For years, even decades I saw no reason to pay attention to spirituality even though I come from a highly spiritual family, country and culture. The individual and animal need to win and "succeed" is all that this body mind complex seemed to want. I came across many who tried to convince me to pay attention to the other side but I asked, why bother? You  may be asking the same. Let me try to answer this without the sales job of a door to door preacher.

In fact, there is no reason you should bother either. I hope things go so well for you like it does for a small fraction of humanity that you need not bother. This call from the inside seems to come particularly when one isn't able to keep up with the demands of this maya world and to what she calls "success". The first reaction of the animal body and mind complex, just like my cat when he is not allowed to go out, is to find another way. Keep trying; go around the wall, fool the detractors, win win win ... at any cost. Alas, for most of us, nature wins, through an earthquake, a tsunami, a broken heart, a lousy boss, a busted economy...I can go on for a while. The point is that for most of us an end to this maya does present itself, if not while we are young and still fighting, then when we are old and weak or have lost the battle and/or desire to win. 

When you dig deep you will find that there never were winners nor losers. Of course you will never believe me, neither did I,  while you are drunk with euphoria that maya imbues. And you should not either.  It is not for you. If you are not ready, it won't work any way. Richard Rose asked his listeners not to try to awaken a sleeping saint which most of us are. There is no right nor wrong. There is just the need for happiness at our core.  Some will find this in a penthouse in trump towers surrounded by beautiful things enveloping the decaying organic mass called the body. Others will find it in a kundalini spinning yoga.  Both will one day end the game the same way as they began it. Will any of what we fuss over or bother about mean anything to you when you are done? Not really. 

There is no obligation to be new age "good". Of course there is none to be not good either. Simply, your choiceNo matter how hard you try and how many times you toss the coin, half of them will be tails. Some people will become rich, some wise and some unfortunately thieves and some very ill. No one designed it this way, it is just the way it is, has always been and will always be. There is however a way for all to be happy and blissful. If climbing the Everest turns your crank, then you are that coin toss. Mine seems to be on the yoga mat.


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